JEEPNEY premieres at CAAMFest in March

3yrs of work, 2 near death experiences, 1 month till the day that
JEEPNEY premieres to the world at CAAMFest in San Francisco!

Come check it out:

March 14, 2014 7:30 pm @ Sundance Kabuki Cinemas

March 20, 2014 6:30 pm @ New People Cinema

Buy tickets here.






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Our new feature documentary MEMORIALS begins production in January

We are excited to announce that we will begin principle cinematography  our new feature documentary, MEMORIALS in January.

MEMORIALS to the deceased have become as diverse as the lives they represent: remains are turned into diamonds or bullets; underwater coral reefs are created from ashes; tombs have iPod docks and swimming pools. This film explores the ecological and social impacts of our final mark upon the world.

We received a generous grant from the Princess Grace Foundation USA, which will help support the production of this project.

Here is a still from our first shoot at Neptune Memorial Reef off the coast of Miami. Esy became a certified scuba diver in order to capture this unique underwater world where the remains of the deceased have helped create a lively coral reef.


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“Jeepney” nearing completion

We are thrilled that Perinspire’s feature documentary and Esy Casey’s directorial debut, Jeepney, is almost complete!  Keep in eye out next fall for festival premieres.

JEEPNEY visualizes the richly diverse cultural and social climate of the Philippines through its most popular form of mass transportation: vividly decorated ex-WWII military jeeps.  Unlike mass transportation in many parts of the world, jeepneys are not a government service but are individually operated by the drivers, who manifest their identity, values, and dreams in its painting and decoration.  The stories of a jeepney driver, artist, and passenger take place amidst nationwide protest against oil price hikes that pressure drivers to work overseas to earn a living.  Lavishly shot and cut to the rhythm of the streets, JEEPNEY provides an enticing vehicle through which the rippling effects of globalization can be felt.

JEEPNEY is funded in part by The Center for Asian American Media with funds provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, The Princess Grace Foundation and The Ford Foundation.

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“The Rink” at festivals this summer

The Rink—by Perinspire’s Sarah Friedland + the lovely Mr. Ryan Joseph— was selected as the opening night film for the New Jersey International Film Festival on May 31st. For a film born and raised in Newark NJ, we are very pleased!!!

We will also have our New York City Premier at the Brooklyn Film Festival with two dates:

showtime: 4:00 pm | Sunday June 9 | Windmill Studios— after party and Rink video installation at Dobbin Project Space

showtime: 6:30 pm | Friday June 7 | indieScreen

Branch Brook Park Roller Rink, located in Newark, NJ, is one of the few remaining urban rinks of its kind. This concrete structure is nestled in a public park bordered by public housing and a highway. Upon first glance, the exterior resembles a fallout shelter; however, the streamers and lights of the interior are reminiscent of 1970s roller discos. This vibrant film depicts a space cherished by skaters and a city struggling to move beyond its past and forge a new narrative amidst contemporary social issues.

Two main characters emerge: Bonesaw, a tough talking, tattooed member of the Garden State Roller Derby Team; and Graylen, a deeply spiritual, Gospel Night skater. On the surface these two characters are different, both ideologically and in their social and racial backgrounds. However, the film reveals a shared past of violence and drug abuse from which the rink provides a much needed refuge. In telling the story of a roller rink, the film touches on “urban renewal” in Newark, resistance and the 1967 uprising, contemporary downtown gentrification, segregation and inequalities, and the ways people play. The Rink is a tribute to the ever dwindling affordable spaces of diversion in American cities, places where citizens can congregate, create community, and enjoy life.

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Thing With No Name

Perinspire’s first feature film, Thing With No Name was completed in 2008.  We are still very proud of this film and deeply affected by the experience of making it.

A portrait of two women, their families, and the struggle to survive in the midst of an unspoken epidemic.

Set in the mountains of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the rate of infection in women is twice that of men, and one out of every six people is HIV+. This feature-length documentary provides an unprecedented, intimate glimpse into the traditional life of a rapidly changing culture. The story follows Danisile and Ntombeleni, two Zulu women with full-blown AIDS, as they attempt to access the recently introduced antiretroviral (ARV) treatment that will prolong their lives. As these women invite us into their homes and share their stories, we witness firsthand the hope these drugs offer. Yet the lack of resources and support available threatens to overwhelm their fight to survive in a community where orphans outnumber their counterparts and funerals are daily occurrences.

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