• Here After

    A coral reef molded from human cremains so large it will one day be seen from outer space, an eco-burial site where human remains disintegrate into a 100 acre forest, and a mass grave of undocumented unknown immigrants waiting to be recognized; the ways we honor our dead are as divided as our country. Benjamin Franklin once said, “Show me your cemeteries and I will tell you what kind of people you have.” HERE AFTER is a deep look into three stories of American cemeteries told through the wit and wisdom of those who memorialize the loved ones of others. Jim Hutslar is the caretaker of Miami’s Neptune Memorial Reef, the Atlantis of cremains. Jen Johnson manages upstate New York’s Greensprings Natural Cemetery Preserve, an eco burial site. Dr. Lori Baker is the  forensic anthropologist currently exhuming a mass grave of undocumented immigrants in Falfurrias, Texas for the purpose of identifying and repatriating the remains. HERE AFTER interweaves these three vignettes to tie together intimate, quirky, and vulnerable moments in the memorialization process and to reflect on the social and ecological implications of our last mark on earth. Here after will premiere at festivals soon so connect with us on facebook to stay updated.