Thing With No Name

Perinspire’s first feature film, Thing With No Name was completed in 2008.  We are still very proud of this film and deeply affected by the experience of making it.

A portrait of two women, their families, and the struggle to survive in the midst of an unspoken epidemic.

Set in the mountains of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where the rate of infection in women is twice that of men, and one out of every six people is HIV+. This feature-length documentary provides an unprecedented, intimate glimpse into the traditional life of a rapidly changing culture. The story follows Danisile and Ntombeleni, two Zulu women with full-blown AIDS, as they attempt to access the recently introduced antiretroviral (ARV) treatment that will prolong their lives. As these women invite us into their homes and share their stories, we witness firsthand the hope these drugs offer. Yet the lack of resources and support available threatens to overwhelm their fight to survive in a community where orphans outnumber their counterparts and funerals are daily occurrences.

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